A Great Tribute for My Father

My father was always a character. Some of my fondest memories of him was when I was a child and he was teaching me about the world. All of it was truth, but he definitely put his own spin on it too. As I grew up, we grew closer and closer together, and he was definitely the best friend I have ever had. His death, though expected, shook me to my core, and I struggled with it for a few weeks until I finally had some peace. Looking at monuments in Morristown NJ for his grave is actually what helped me overcome the deepest part of my grief.

While I will always miss him, I know that he is in my future. We are both Christians, so this is just a temporary separation. I started looking at monuments because I knew that he was worthy of something really nice instead of just the small marker at his grave. I pass one monument store often when I am traveling for work, so that is the one that I stopped at first to see what they have. I was impressed with the variety. There were somber ones, religious ones, funny ones, and everything in between.

I thought that I was going to go with a cross for my father, but I changed my mind when I saw one that really depicted his spirit. Anyone who will be going to his graveside already knows he was a Christian, but not many knew that he really loved to bowl. I came across one monument that had ten bowling pins, and a ball right in the middle, hitting them. It was just perfect, and I knew that I could add an engraved message for people who may come over and look, about Jesus being the only way to get to Heaven, where my father is now. I hope that it leads others there as it brings a smile to their faces.