Apartment Homes with Gourmet Kitchens for the Foodie in You

I was looking for a youthful kind of community that would be home to professionals who like to stay fit, have a pet dog or two and who are foodies who are into gourmet cooking. This made it a definite that my new apartment would have a gas stove. You are not going to like an electric range if you are really into cooking specialty meals for yourself, family or friends. I found this website that has apartment homes where you can see the Atalanta skyline from the rooftop, but you can enjoy natural hiking trails and other things that are non-urban.

The Encore actually has a rooftop swimming pool that is a saltwater pool. I prefer that much more than a chlorinated pool. There is covered parking and a deck. The apartments have 9-foot ceilings and gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances and those nice gas ranges that I already mentioned. If you are an amateur gourmet, a gas stove is a huge plus for an apartment. A modern attractive kitchen is also practically mandatory for entertaining your guests. Plus, you get washer and dryer connections if your are bringing your own, or you can have them as part of your apartment.

I like the big windows that let in a lot of light. I enjoy openness in a living space that I can close up at night for privacy. They got this thing called a Zen Path, that is a beautiful natural area. I am not into “Zen” but the space is nice. Another great feature is that this is a smoke-free community. No more cigarette butt litter or smelling your neighbor’s smoke when you are trying to enjoy an evening breeze through a window. I’m okay with smokers having their own places, but I am glad that us non-smokers can have ours too. Nothing triggers an asthma attack in me like cigarette smoke does. I can take a smoky fire pit and even cigar or pipe tobacco. However, cigarettes choke me up every time. I am glad this apartment complex is free of cigarette smoke.