Planning a Hiking Trip to Scotland

I have the schedule together already, hoping to catch the weather when it is good. That is a poor thing to count on so of course I am going to come prepared for all sorts of weather. I have been looking at how to find a car rental place that has what I need, because obviously I can not rule out sleeping in the vehicle if it is what seems best. I do not wish to do it that way, but if it is really cold that would be an option. Continue reading Planning a Hiking Trip to Scotland

Working at the New Branch Office

I spent the day scouting locations and working out what I am going to do. I found an apartment at a place called Carrington Ridge They transferred me to the branch office in Stockbridge GA and I have sort of become the second in command there. It looks like they think I might be the guy there before too long. The writing is on the wall and even I can see it. Their guy here is getting ready to go out on his own and he is not really making a huge secret of it. Of course he is going to see it like this. The guy has been doing this stuff for three decades, probably longer. He is connected to everyone and he does not really need the company all that much. He can operate as an independent selling for whoever gives him and the client the best deal. Then he can turn around and spend half of his time with the grand kids at the beach or at the lake.

At any rate it would be a problem for me to do the job coming in from the cold like this. The thing this guy has going for him is important. He has been around here beating the brush for decades and decades. He knows these people and they know him. The value of those relationships can not be over valued. I would be going up against him and the chances are that he shall probably be able to sell every thing that I can sell, along with all of the competing products. He is not going to be cut off from the company. He is going to be tight with all of the people at headquarters and they will take any business that he brings them with open arms. Why should they not? It is all the same for them.

New Century Organic is Part of Our Healthy Eating Plan

We made a commitment to eating less early last year. We had begun to lose weight immediately. We got our youthful figures back, and then began working on muscle building. Walking, lifting weights and riding bicycles helped us with that. The next step was eliminating poor food choices from our diet. We started to buy our food from New Century Organic. You see, you can eat less and lose weight, but you need to eat better if you want optimal health. Eating better is now more than just choosing more fresh fruits and vegetables. It is more than just cutting back on processed and boxed foods. You need to fundamentally have a purer food source.

Organically grown food is purer. There is really no argument about that. The pesticides and artificial fertilizers that are in regularly grown fruits and vegetable is not in truly organically grown foods. Continue reading New Century Organic is Part of Our Healthy Eating Plan