Apartment Homes with Gourmet Kitchens for the Foodie in You

I was looking for a youthful kind of community that would be home to professionals who like to stay fit, have a pet dog or two and who are foodies who are into gourmet cooking. This made it a definite that my new apartment would have a gas stove. You are not going to like an electric range if you are really into cooking specialty meals for yourself, family or friends. I found this website that has apartment homes where you can see the Atalanta skyline from the rooftop, but you can enjoy natural hiking trails and other things that are non-urban.

The Encore actually has a rooftop swimming pool that is a saltwater pool. I prefer that much more than a chlorinated pool. There is covered parking and a deck. The apartments have 9-foot ceilings and gourmet kitchens with stainless steel appliances and those nice gas ranges that I already mentioned. If you are an amateur gourmet, a gas stove is a huge plus for an apartment. Continue reading Apartment Homes with Gourmet Kitchens for the Foodie in You

The Basics of What SEO Services Should Do for Your Business

I have a friend who owns an online business. We were talking about SEO one day when he told me how much he pays per month to have a company manage it for him. Now when he told me the amount, I was a bit taken aback to say the least. He was paying a pretty penny for monthly SEO services, and he does not really do any advertising. I could not figure out why he was paying so much. I looked into a website for my business that was going to provide SEO that fit our marketing campaigns. We did need to advertise, and we had to do it as heavily as we could based on the marketing budget that we had.

Here is the thing I have noticed about online business. Continue reading The Basics of What SEO Services Should Do for Your Business

Finding the Perfect Apartment in Charlotte

My parents live 400 miles away from me and my family. We only get to see them three or four times a year. It’s so difficult for us to travel since my husband and I both work and our two children are in school. We just never seem to have the time. Last night, my mother called and told me they put their house on the market and are moving to Charlotte. They’re coming here next week to start looking for apartments in South Charlotte NC. I’m so excited to have them live so close to me and for them to be able to spend a lot of time with their grandkids.

I picked them up from the airport the following Wednesday and took them back to my house. After we had dinner we sat down and discussed what they were looking for in an apartment. So we made a list of their needs and wants. After the list was done we started our research on the computer. Continue reading Finding the Perfect Apartment in Charlotte