They Are Storing Most of My Possessions

When I decided to travel abroad for several months as part of a new position at work, I knew that it would be foolish to keep my apartment. I would end up paying for several months of rent plus all of the utilities. If the apartment had any sentimental value, I would have done that. As it was, I didn’t mind looking for a new place to live in when I returned. I did need to find a facility for storage in Orillia because while I did not have an attachment to my apartment, I did to all my belongings in it.

I actually did not have a lot of furniture, but I had a lot of other things. I have a huge book collection, plus the bookcases that they are in. I also have a desk, a small couch, and a dining room table. I was not putting my bed in storage since my sister was in need of one. Continue reading They Are Storing Most of My Possessions

My Sister Lives One Minute Away

My sister sent me some pictures of the new apartment complex that she and her husband had just moved into. She told me to click here to look at their version of paradise. I honestly thought she was exaggerating but it didn’t take long for me to see that it was a pretty accurate portrayal. She had been trying to convince me to move down to North Carolina for a while, but it was pretty easy to resist since they were working all the time and didn’t live in a super nice area.

Now that they are living in such a great complex, I figured I should at least visit to see if I should move closer to where the rest of my family is. Continue reading My Sister Lives One Minute Away

I Am Loving Every Minute of My New Life

I was so ready for a new beginning. I had been living a very isolated life for the last six years due to my marriage to a very jealous man. I knew that when I divorced him, I was going to have to move far away if I wanted to have any peace and quiet. When I talked with my mom about it, she is the one who suggested that I look in South Carolina. I thought that was a great idea so I searched for luxury apartments for rent in Simpsonville SC.

The two of us used to take summer vacations there because it is just a gorgeous state. The weather is perfect in the summers, and we had always had a good time. Continue reading I Am Loving Every Minute of My New Life

At First, I Did Not Want to Move

I was not happy about having to find a new place to live. My landlord told me that he wanted to do some renovations though to prepare the house I had been renting for sale later on that year. I considered purchasing it myself, but the asking price even before the renovations was out of my league. I knew that I would not find another house to rent at the price I was paying, because I had gotten such a fantastic deal on it. I did a search for apartments in Lewisville TX after deciding that my best bet would be to find an apartment complex that is not too far from where I work. Continue reading At First, I Did Not Want to Move

I’ve Found What Makes Me Happy Now

I used to move around a lot when I was first living on my own. I would quickly grow bored of wherever I was living and would soon want a change after being there for about 6 months to a year. But now, I live in a nice place that I never grow tired of. I pointed the website out to everyone I know and tell them that they should rent here if they are looking for a nice, safe and beautiful place. I really like the thought of many different friends moving into the same complex that I do. I think that we would all have a lot of fun together. So far, two different friends have moved into nearby units!

I used to ask myself over and over why I would get bored with so many things. I didn’t just get bored with the places I lived in, I was bored by a lot of things. it took me some time to realize that I like nice looking things. I like good design. Continue reading I’ve Found What Makes Me Happy Now

My Dog Has to Pay Rent

Of course that is not exactly true, but of course I am looking for a place to stay and so I search on the web for apartments for rent for 78230, I found a place on Vance Johnson that I really liked, so I checked out the pet policy there. They allow you to have up to two pets, a dog can not be over 75 pounds. Of course that is the same size as a ten year old child would usually be. At any rate they let you have dogs, but you have to give them three hundred dollars it seems, that is in addition to a deposit that is just as large. Then after that the pet rent is fifteen dollars per month. Continue reading My Dog Has to Pay Rent

Moving to a New Town with My Friend

After having the opportunity to live in many different places all over the country, I have finally decided where my next move will be. I have been searching for apartments in far North Dallas, because my best friend just moved there. She found an apartment about six months ago, and she told me that she has loved every minute of living there. I can really sense the excitement in her voice when she talks about her new home, and it really makes me want to move there as well. I’m fortunate in that my job allows me to work remotely, so I can really move anywhere I want to and continue at my current job.

So far, my apartment search has consisted of browsing apartment homes online. This has worked well, and I’ve narrowed down my focus to one property in particular. Continue reading Moving to a New Town with My Friend

Finding a New Apartment with My Dog

My dog and I just drove across the country in order to get to our new home. I’ve been checking out apartments in 30318 for some time now. The biggest challenge for me was finding somewhere that accepted pets, but I finally did. Not only that, but it’s a great place. I think that part of my success in finding this place was luck, but a lot of it was perseverance on my part. I would not give up until I found the perfect place.

I can understand why a lot of apartments don’t love pets. However, I consider myself to be a responsible pet owner, and I would never damage an apartment. I’m still very happy that I finally found a place that was not only accepting my dog, but extremely inclusive as well. Continue reading Finding a New Apartment with My Dog

Modern Apartment Homes with All Modern Stuff Yet a Cool Rustic Appeal

I was never impressed with your average run of the mill kind of apartment. You know the ones. You walk in and there is a small kitchen straight ahead, a small living room just to the left, a bathroom down the hall on the right and one or two bedrooms. If your move to the apartment next door, it is just a mirror image of yours. So, being bored one night in my apartment I looked for newer apartments for rent in Tampa FL. I found what I consider to be a place that was deigned and built just for me.

The first thing I spotted was the totally tricked out gym. It had stuff for weight training, cardio and even all kinds of climbing stuff throughout the gym. I almost missed it, but my eye caught these two things jutting out from a framework above the gym equipment that is obviously for training to climb and hang by your fingers, hands and arms. This is great for the rock climbing guy in me. This was no posh fitness studio. Continue reading Modern Apartment Homes with All Modern Stuff Yet a Cool Rustic Appeal