I Needed Some Time to Get Used to Our New Addition

After our first child was born, my husband looked around at different cleaning services in Singapore in order to find some help with our very large house. I was overwhelmed by having a new baby at first, and I needed some time to settle into my new mother role. We had never planned to have children, so I was having a little trouble adjusting to having one of my own. I had always been so strict with my own life and what I wanted to accomplish. Suddenly, everything was turning out differently, and that was pretty scary to someone who has always been so driven when it comes to my career.

I’ve always been someone who has pushed myself hard in everything that I do. This has definitely been very noticeable back when I was in school and then with work later on. I got excellent grades in school. I won awards. I participated in everything that I could so that I could become an executive one day. Continue reading I Needed Some Time to Get Used to Our New Addition