Finding a New Apartment with My Dog

My dog and I just drove across the country in order to get to our new home. I’ve been checking out apartments in 30318 for some time now. The biggest challenge for me was finding somewhere that accepted pets, but I finally did. Not only that, but it’s a great place. I think that part of my success in finding this place was luck, but a lot of it was perseverance on my part. I would not give up until I found the perfect place.

I can understand why a lot of apartments don’t love pets. However, I consider myself to be a responsible pet owner, and I would never damage an apartment. I’m still very happy that I finally found a place that was not only accepting my dog, but extremely inclusive as well. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people in this community. I’m hoping that our docs can meet and play together as well. In our current location, we go to a facility so that my dog can socialize with other docs. I think I could save some money by moving into this apartment, as it would no longer need to do that.

I’m really fortunate that I was able to find a place, because it wasn’t looking too good for a while there. I knew that I had to find a new apartment in less than a month, and I was working my hurts to find a place that would be welcoming of me and my dog. In addition to being able to have a dog, I was pleased to find that the fees for doing so were very reasonable. Some other places that I’ve looked at wanted to charge me quite a bit of money in order to do so, but not this place. My pooch and I are looking forward to moving in very soon.