Having Pay Stubs Keeps Things in Order

I was looking for a paystub generator tool to help me with my payroll needs. I looked a few, but none could compare to the first one I looked at. I was able to see an example of the type of pay stub that is generated, and it looked as official as any I have had from working past jobs. I really liked that it keeps a year to date tally too, because I have some contractors that do work for me throughout the year, and others who only work for me once or twice and that is it.

I was just writing out the checks every other Friday, but I realized that I needed to have better accountability for myself. If I would ever be audited, there was really no proof of why I paid these guys the amounts that I did. Having an official pay stub that has their name, social security and other information on it would be very helpful to me. I figured it would probably be very helpful to them too. All of the things that a regular pay stub would have on it can be seen on these ones too.

In the upper left corner, my business name and address can be seen. Directly under that is employee information like name and SS number. Underneath that is the earnings breakdown. The type of earnings, the rate of pay, how many hours were worked, and any deductions can be found in this section. Directly underneath that is where the year to date information can be found. I was impressed not only with how it looks but also with how inexpensive it is. I have had no problems using it, and I expect that I will be using it until I retire. It really helps keep things in order for me!