I Am Loving Every Minute of My New Life

I was so ready for a new beginning. I had been living a very isolated life for the last six years due to my marriage to a very jealous man. I knew that when I divorced him, I was going to have to move far away if I wanted to have any peace and quiet. When I talked with my mom about it, she is the one who suggested that I look in South Carolina. I thought that was a great idea so I searched for luxury apartments for rent in Simpsonville SC.

The two of us used to take summer vacations there because it is just a gorgeous state. The weather is perfect in the summers, and we had always had a good time. When she told me she would like to come with me, I could have cried with relief. I did want a new beginning, but it sure felt good to have her with me for it. We found a two bedroom apartment in Simpsonville, and I forgot just how enjoyable and carefree life can be! Our apartment is really wonderful too, which helps a lot in this transition for both of us.

We each have our own bedroom and bath along with a large closet space. We also have a laundry room that is located right off the kitchen, a large bedroom and a kitchen that is the nicest one we have ever had. There is so much space in there to do things like experiment with new meals or come up with a delectable new dessert. My mom spends a lot of time on the patio with some of the friends she has made here, and I am busy making new friends at the pool or the community social hall. I forgot this is how life is supposed to be, and I am loving every minute of it.