Improving Physics Scores by Two Full Grades

I have a professional career and so does my wife. However, when our twin children came home from school asking for help with understanding their physics lessons better, my wife and I just kind of stared at one another. Neither of us was big on any of the sciences when we were in school. We skated by learning more how to pass tests than actually learning anything. Being a big proponent of not repeating mistakes to the next generation, I suggested to get turtoring help for our kids.

I had seen the website of Mr. Tony Chee, and I thought that he could help our kids get better at physics. His website states that 80 percent of the cohort are improved by one or two grades. Our kids just needed a boost to stay at the top of their academic games. They both challenged each other to do better. They wanted to be prepared to enter the universities of their choice without having to compromise and accept a second choice. We owed it to them to help them learn physics more and not just learn how to get a good grade on physics exams.

There are all kinds of tutoring available that can help you ace a test, but actually learning the subject matter requires a different approach to the material. Sure, you should be able to understand what to expect in testing, but you should know the material you are learning. You should not just memorize tricks on how to pass a test in physics. Learning can be hard work, but it can be fun. It is only tedious when the material is not presented in an engaging way. Even boring subjects can be made fun if the right teacher is presenting them. We had confidence that Tony Chee could make a difference in our children’s physics grades.