I’ve Found What Makes Me Happy Now

I used to move around a lot when I was first living on my own. I would quickly grow bored of wherever I was living and would soon want a change after being there for about 6 months to a year. But now, I live in a nice place that I never grow tired of. I pointed the website out to everyone I know and tell them that they should rent here if they are looking for a nice, safe and beautiful place. I really like the thought of many different friends moving into the same complex that I do. I think that we would all have a lot of fun together. So far, two different friends have moved into nearby units!

I used to ask myself over and over why I would get bored with so many things. I didn’t just get bored with the places I lived in, I was bored by a lot of things. it took me some time to realize that I like nice looking things. I like good design. I like design that is unique, has a lot of detail and looks like a lot of care was put into it. Most things don’t look like that. Most things are very generic looking. So, when I went apartment hunting and found quite a few different properties that look fabulous, I realized that I needed to look more at properties that are run by people who care and have a good eye for design.

I’m now renting a place that is a walk apartment. The entire place is done and Industrial look. My sleeping area is up at the top, and you climb up a ladder to get to the bed. I love the way the place, and I like to sit back, relax with a cup of tea and just look around. I worked really hard to decorate it nicely, and it makes me happy.