Modern Apartment Homes with All Modern Stuff Yet a Cool Rustic Appeal

I was never impressed with your average run of the mill kind of apartment. You know the ones. You walk in and there is a small kitchen straight ahead, a small living room just to the left, a bathroom down the hall on the right and one or two bedrooms. If your move to the apartment next door, it is just a mirror image of yours. So, being bored one night in my apartment I looked for newer apartments for rent in Tampa FL. I found what I consider to be a place that was deigned and built just for me.

The first thing I spotted was the totally tricked out gym. It had stuff for weight training, cardio and even all kinds of climbing stuff throughout the gym. I almost missed it, but my eye caught these two things jutting out from a framework above the gym equipment that is obviously for training to climb and hang by your fingers, hands and arms. This is great for the rock climbing guy in me. This was no posh fitness studio. It was a rustic space with modern gear. You can tell it is made for people who take training a little more seriously than just a few minutes on a treadmill a few times per week.

The apartments had all the cool stuff you want in a place too. Mine has the rainfall shower, and the pull out gooseneck faucet at the sink. There is granite in the kitchen instead of that flimsy stuff they used to put in kitchens. I have 9-foot ceilings in my place, and the flooring in the bathroom looks like expensive hardwood, but does not require the care. Plus, I have a washer and dryer. That is a huge benefit because I loathe laundromats. I also have track lighting in the kitchen to make it nice and bright while I cook, and there are ceiling fans in the living room and master bedroom. The design gives a rustic look, but everything is modern.