My Chiropractor in Alexandria Helped Me with Disk Degeneration Pain

I was wrenching a hand jack to lift a steel plate, and I did not feel anything at the time. By the next day my shoulder was aching quite severely. I had to call off work because of the pain. All I did was move my arm back and forth to raise the jack. I thought maybe I was in a bad position or something at the time. I thought I strained a muscle. I went to a chiropractor in Alexandria and found out that I had disk degeneration in my neck. The extra work just aggravated things to the point I was really feeling it now.

I could not find a comfortable position to sit or to lay down. It hurt no matter what. Then my fingers started to go numb. I heard it was nerve irritation, and that those nerves needed to get relief for me to not feel any more pain. Chiropractic treatments helped take the pressure off of the nerves that were causing the problem. My case was a bit more severe, so I did have to go on nerve medication to help relieve the pain. I had to keep working to be able to feed my family. A lot of you know how that is.

I had to work on the standard things that make everyone feel better. There is no wonder pill for this. You have to do something to get yourself better. I lost the extra weight I was carrying. I started walking, riding a bicycle and lifting weights. I lift a lot at work, but I am not working specific muscle groups on purpose to build neck, arm and back strength. Having the right musculature helps keep things in alignment. I did not know any of this until I went to my cchiropractor in Alexandria.