My Dog Has to Pay Rent

Of course that is not exactly true, but of course I am looking for a place to stay and so I search on the web for apartments for rent for 78230, I found a place on Vance Johnson that I really liked, so I checked out the pet policy there. They allow you to have up to two pets, a dog can not be over 75 pounds. Of course that is the same size as a ten year old child would usually be. At any rate they let you have dogs, but you have to give them three hundred dollars it seems, that is in addition to a deposit that is just as large. Then after that the pet rent is fifteen dollars per month. I could not really believe that, but I suppose that a lot of places are going to charge you the same thing. It seems like a great deal of money to me, but you are going to have to pay if you want to have a pet here.

The location is not that bad for me, it is pretty close to the church and you could walk there if you wanted to do it. Of course that is a busy place and I would not be too keen about crossing the big roads. It is a short trip to a lot of the places where I go and I think that I could cut the time to my job really well. It would be a pretty nice location for shopping and for entertainment. Of course it really does not please me that I may have to pay that much just to be able to keep the dog I have had since I was a kid. I think that I may have to let my brother keep him.