My Parents Say That They Can Get Around Much Better Now

It was really hard on me to watch my parents growing older. I didn’t live near them, so I only came home when I got a chance to get away from work a few times per year. They are seniors, and they were always complaining about how they ached and had trouble getting around. I asked them if they would be willing to visit a Camas chiropractor for some help with both of those things. The both readily agreed to it. My mom was excited. One of her friends goes to one, and my mom said that she had always wished that she could, too. I told both of them that I would pay for it.

When my mom and dad came home from that appointment that I had made for them, they both raved. Mom said she was really tired of all the different painkillers that she’s been given at her doctor’s office, and she really likes that the chiropractor offered a variety of ways to help manage her pain without drugs. Dad said that he was told that if they keep coming back for more appointments, the chiropractor’s plan was to help them to be as pain-free as possible so that pain management would not be at the top of their needs. I was really pleased about this.

Both of my parents are on a fixed income, so I know that they struggle to pay for most things outside of bills for their basic needs and their food. However, I do my best to help out with money any time that I can. So, I bought gift certificates for both of my parents that would give them each a full year’s worth of visits with the chiropractor. They were so happy. They’ve both been going for about 6 months now, and they say that it has rolled back the years for them in terms of helping them to get on the road to feeling so much better.