My Sister Lives One Minute Away

My sister sent me some pictures of the new apartment complex that she and her husband had just moved into. She told me to click here to look at their version of paradise. I honestly thought she was exaggerating but it didn’t take long for me to see that it was a pretty accurate portrayal. She had been trying to convince me to move down to North Carolina for a while, but it was pretty easy to resist since they were working all the time and didn’t live in a super nice area.

Now that they are living in such a great complex, I figured I should at least visit to see if I should move closer to where the rest of my family is. They have a two bedroom apartment because they have a young daughter, and she generously offered to let me stay with her in her bedroom. With an invitation like that, it was hard to say no. My first night there on my three day trip was really nice. We went swimming, then we had a cookout with some of their friends at the outdoor kitchen on the property grounds.

The next morning, my sister and I were up at the crack of dawn. She took me the fitness center on the property, and we both got a great workout. We were lazy that day, just enjoying some shopping and a nice meal out, and that was all within minutes of their apartment. I was not even there for a full 24 hours when I knew that I wanted to move there too. I felt more at home there than I did in the apartment that I had been living in for a couple of years. I now have a one bedroom apartment just a minute’s walk away from my sister’s front door, and life is finally feeling good again.