New Century Organic is Part of Our Healthy Eating Plan

We made a commitment to eating less early last year. We had begun to lose weight immediately. We got our youthful figures back, and then began working on muscle building. Walking, lifting weights and riding bicycles helped us with that. The next step was eliminating poor food choices from our diet. We started to buy our food from New Century Organic. You see, you can eat less and lose weight, but you need to eat better if you want optimal health. Eating better is now more than just choosing more fresh fruits and vegetables. It is more than just cutting back on processed and boxed foods. You need to fundamentally have a purer food source.

Organically grown food is purer. There is really no argument about that. The pesticides and artificial fertilizers that are in regularly grown fruits and vegetable is not in truly organically grown foods. You can get organic beef, chicken and pork too. The animals are raised on natural foods without any hormones or antibiotics. Do you know that some chicken producers feed their chickens chemicals to make them grow bigger? Some breeds have been genetically altered to produce giant chicken breasts. It is not natural, and it is likely just the tip of the iceberg of what is causing all of the increase in diseases people are facing.

As we begin to Westernize our diets here in Singapore, we are seeing an increase in diabetes and other metabolic syndrome associated diseases. Cancer should be on the downturn rather than increasing in this modern world. However, it is not. Cure rates and remissions are phenomenally better, but the incidents of diagnoses are not. What is behind that? I say it is partly our food and food choices. Choosing to eat organically is for our health. It is worth it.