Planning a Hiking Trip to Scotland

I have the schedule together already, hoping to catch the weather when it is good. That is a poor thing to count on so of course I am going to come prepared for all sorts of weather. I have been looking at how to find a car rental place that has what I need, because obviously I can not rule out sleeping in the vehicle if it is what seems best. I do not wish to do it that way, but if it is really cold that would be an option. Of course at altitude it never really gets hot and there are places where it can drop below freezing after it has been in the eighties all day long. So I am going to want to get an SUV which will have room for all of my stuff and enough room that I could stretch out and get a bit of sleep if I had to.

The trip is going to last about two or three weeks, I have it planned around this week when we are going to have little need for me at work. My schedule is pretty loose though and I can take off when I need to or even if I want to, just so long as I accomplish the tasks that the boss wants to have done. It is not as though they are always looking over my shoulder or making me sit at my desk when there is not any reason for me to do it. The job is about getting things done and if you are able to do the stuff you need to do, then they pretty much leave you alone when you are doing it. I have been walking a lot of stairs to get ready for all of the climbing I will do.