The Basics of What SEO Services Should Do for Your Business

I have a friend who owns an online business. We were talking about SEO one day when he told me how much he pays per month to have a company manage it for him. Now when he told me the amount, I was a bit taken aback to say the least. He was paying a pretty penny for monthly SEO services, and he does not really do any advertising. I could not figure out why he was paying so much. I looked into a website for my business that was going to provide SEO that fit our marketing campaigns. We did need to advertise, and we had to do it as heavily as we could based on the marketing budget that we had.

Here is the thing I have noticed about online business. From the small websites to the big ones, we can all think we know what we are doing when it comes to marketing our products and services to the online world. For me, I know my business, but I have to admit that I know very little on what to do to up our page ranking when it comes to the search terms people are using to find what it is that we sell. I can tell you all of the details of the products we sell, but I don’t really understand the search engine algorithms that decide where to place our URL in relation to our competitors and similar businesses.

The goal is to be instantly noticed by any and all potential customers when they get on Google or another search engine to find what it is we sell. Then we want to grab their attention with a precise and enticing summary of what we offer. The rest of customer acquisition and retention is up to us. Our SEO experts just need to get the traffic to our website.