There is So Much to Do when You Suddenly Need to Manage Everything Yourself

When my husband died, I felt like I didn’t know where to start. I suddenly had to focus on so many things without his help. He ran a property management business and I needed to do something quickly about stepping in to take care of things. With one of his tenants moving out, I knew that I needed to call someone to do post tenancy cleaning for Singapore property management owners right away. A new tenant was scheduled to move in just two weeks later, and I knew that I the place needed to look perfect. That was the first thing that I needed to do while I figured everything else out.

I never had any interest in my husband’s business. I had always been a stay at home mom to our kids since they were born. My husband made enough money so that we did not need to worry about me getting a job as well. I enjoyed staying home and keeping myself busy with everything that needed to be done there. So, when he died, I was somewhat in the dark about running his business. I originally thought of shutting the company down, but he has quite a few employees who depend on the paychecks they get.

The first day that I walked into my husband’s office to try to make sense of what I needed to do, his assistant came in and helped me figure out a lot of things. After I spent about a week taking care of a variety of things that needed to be done, I realized that I liked what I was doing. My mother-in-law had been watching our kids for a week, and she really enjoyed taking care of them. She and I talked, and she said she would be willing to watch the kids full time since she is retired. I then took over as the sole owner of my husband’s business after that.