They Are Storing Most of My Possessions

When I decided to travel abroad for several months as part of a new position at work, I knew that it would be foolish to keep my apartment. I would end up paying for several months of rent plus all of the utilities. If the apartment had any sentimental value, I would have done that. As it was, I didn’t mind looking for a new place to live in when I returned. I did need to find a facility for storage in Orillia because while I did not have an attachment to my apartment, I did to all my belongings in it.

I actually did not have a lot of furniture, but I had a lot of other things. I have a huge book collection, plus the bookcases that they are in. I also have a desk, a small couch, and a dining room table. I was not putting my bed in storage since my sister was in need of one. I figured I would just get another one when I came back. It was actually very easy to find a storage facility that would hold all of my stuff.

I was very picky about what I wanted, and I just thought it would take a long time because of that. I wanted a place that had climate control, mostly because I did not want my books to get ruined. I have a lot that I read for pleasure, but I have quite a few collector’s editions too that are worth some money. I also wanted a place where I knew that my books and other items would be safe. The Green Storage facility has everything I could possibly need in a storage unit, and that is the reason they are now the ones in possession of nearly everything I own.