Tree Branch Versus Metal Car Roof

We live on a block lined with trees on both sides. Over the years neighbors stopped keeping the trees pruned. When the homes were owned by the original builders, there was more pride and dedication that went into keeping everything nice. As landlords took over many properties, the trees just were left to grow. Now they have become a hazard. A branch fell from a tree next door and flattened the roof of a friend’s car who was visiting. Some of us got together to contact a Nassau County tree removal service to see what could be done about the trees on our street.

We were going to speak with our local council about obtaining some grant money to either have the trees pruned or removed. The Nassau County tree removal company advised us that many of the trees had signs of rot and disease and needed to all come down. It would change the look of our quaint tree-lined street, but it was an important thing to get done for the safety of everyone here. I was amazed at what the weight of a single large branch could do to a metal roof on a vehicle. The roof was smashed down until it was pressing on the center console inside the car. Can you imagine what would have happened to anyone that might have been inside when it fell?

When the tree branch was being removed they cut it into cross-section slices. I wondered why they cut it like that so I asked. One of the guys told me to try and lift one of the slices. It was super heavy. It was big enough around to make a tabletop for a table you might use to set drinks on. I was surprised at how heavy that small section was. That branch had to weigh many hundreds of pounds. I cannot imagine how many tons of wood they took out of here when they did remove all the trees later on.