You Can Work with Others on Your Idea

My mom told me when I was younger that she wanted to meet with someone that was going to help her with an idea that she had. My mom was going to go and find out if her idea had already been patented. She told me that her idea had already been registered but she still never told me what her idea was so I always thought of things that I could go and make money with. I found an idea for a new app but I had no idea where to go so I found a Singapore app developer that told me he would be willing to go and listen during a meeting to see what we could do. I knew that I had to go and work with someone on the development of my new idea. I wanted to be really open and listen to what they had to say and whether or not we could work together.

My dad always told me that since he was in business he knew how to read people. My dad was a person who worked in sales for the past five decades and he told me that he knew the psychology behind why people do what they do. I knew that he had to have some good ideas since he always worked in the business field. I would often say that he would talk a lot and maybe not always do what he wanted, but he told me that it was a great thing to do. He told me that sitting and listening was always a good idea and that we were going to have a great time if we sat and practiced how to actively listen. It is something that I am really happy he did, because I know how to read people.